Native Advertising

Use GDN, Youtube & Native Ad Networks to your advantage. Don’t restrain yourself to Search and Social Networks. Customers can be grown from DN, Youtube, Taboola, too.

Our Focus

Native ads are the fastest growing part of the market. They have taken a stronghold on the online advertising industry. They are profoundly captivating, and eminently suited for smartphones. Here, the campaign objectives are not conversions but engagement:

  • Average session duration
  • Cost per engaged user
  • Bounce Rate

If you are not doing native advertising, you are missing out.

Exhaustive Audience Research

We conduct research on various audience segments and map the right audience for you. The differentiation among these segments is based on soft and hard parameters which are used for precise targeting. Hard parameters include Language, Location, Placements, etc. Soft Parameters include User Interests, User Behaviours, etc. The segments targeted are mutually exclusive so that we keep away from overlapping and avoid unwanted results.

We’ll work with your team to create a foundation for the launch of your brand.

Truly Data-Driven Social Ad Management

Based on the insights that we gather from data collected across Ad channels, we make informed decisions on allocation of budget into different audience buckets.

Our algorithms are tailor made to match your goals. This way, the ad waste is minimised and optimal performance is ensured.

Campaign Optimisation and Reaching the People based on their funnel step

We diligently review campaigns and scale them up or down based on their performance. We monitor real-time to avoid wastage of ad spends.

Our focus is on increasing your quality traffic and regetting that traffic as per their buying intent.

Custom Attribution

We make sense of how different attribution models impact the valuation of your marketing channels, campaigns, audiences and ads. For e.g., a channel that predominantly initiates conversion paths will have a higher Conversion Value according to the First Interaction attribution model than it would according to the Last Interaction attribution model.

Advanced Reporting and Insights

We collect data across all your platforms and display them at one place allowing users to make conscious decisions. The strong mathematical correlation and algorithms that we use enable users to answer questions by analysing the data, which otherwise would have been abstract to follow. All of this helps us in better optimisation and improved performance.

Improving engagement with conversions

The primary goal of this exercise is to optimise your webstore for better conversion and improving landing page to achieve the KPI’s chosen for your business hence generating better marketing ROI.

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