Faber India: Designing Tomorrow’s Kitchen, Today!

Every room in a home has its story, but the kitchen, often called the heart of the home, narrates a tale that resonates with every family member. Within these stories, brands like Faber India play an essential role. They’re not just manufacturing kitchen appliances; they’re crafting experiences, memories, and moments. Let’s dive deeper into the story of this remarkable brand and see why it deserves a special mention.

Who is Faber India?

Founded as FRANKE FABER INDIA Private Limited, Faber India Pvt. Ltd has been the kitchen’s best friend for over 25 years. While they began their journey in Pune, their vision wasn’t limited to one city or even one country. Today, they’re recognized in places as diverse as the Asia Pacific to the bustling markets of the Middle East.

Their range spans from sleek kitchen chimney that keep your kitchen smoke-free to innovative water heaters for those perfect winter mornings. Need pure water? Their RO water purifiers are both efficient and reliable. Cooking enthusiasts will love their range of hobs, filters, built-in appliances, and gas gadgets. They’ve literally thought of everything one might need to make a kitchen complete.

Italy’s Gift to the Culinary World

Italy, a country synonymous with art, culture, and of course, exquisite cuisine, was where the Faber story began in 1955. Amidst a landscape that celebrates rich traditions and forward-thinking, Faber embarked on a mission: to enhance kitchens globally. Today, they’ve crossed continents, bringing their Italian charm to countries from Spain to Argentina, seamlessly merging innovation with tradition.

Why Faber Stands Out

With so many brands around, what makes Faber tick? It’s their undying commitment. Their products are not just designed to look good (although they do look pretty sleek) but also to be super useful. They prioritize safety, so families can cook worry-free. And guess what? They also care about our planet and ensure their processes and products are environmentally friendly.

Our Fab-tastic Collaboration

We at Unbundl are pretty picky about who we team up with. So when we say we’re working with Faber India, it’s a big deal. We’re helping this awesome brand shine even brighter online, making sure more folks discover their kitchen magic.

The Global Footprint

One of the standout aspects of Faber is their global reach. Whether it’s Roblin in France, Mepamsa in Spain, Spar in Argentina, or their original brand in Italy, Faber ensures every corner of the world gets a taste of their quality. The brand’s commitment has taken them from a local Italian company to an international sensation with a presence on multiple continents.

A Legacy of Trust and Innovation

Behind the modern designs and top-notch functionality, Faber has a rich legacy. They’ve been at the forefront of innovation in kitchen technologies, introducing features and designs that have become standard in many homes today. When you choose Faber, you’re not just picking a product, you’re becoming part of a legacy.

Note: Our collaboration with Faber India focuses on enhancing their online presence.