Amplifying Impact: Transforming Amydus's Social Media Presence

Elevating Engagement and Driving Sales in the Plus-Size Fashion Market


Amydus is a prominent plus-size clothing brand in India that specializes in workwear and casual wear for women. The brand seeked our help in increasing their online presence and making significant growth in the competitive plus-size fashion market.


The primary objective of our collaboration was to revitalize their social media engagement and follower growth on Instagram and Facebook. We aimed at increasing sales conversions directly from these social media platforms while optimizing content production costs without compromising on quality. 

The Challenges

Amydus faced several challenges in managing their digital presence effectively across diverse geographical markets:

Stagnant Social Media Growth: The brand's social media followers had become dormant since a year, impacting brand visibility and engagement.

Low Sales Conversion: Despite a reasonable following, the social media channels were not driving expected sales.

Ineffective Content Strategy: Their content focused primarily on products without fostering engagement or shares, crucial metrics on platforms like Instagram.

Inconsistent Posting on Facebook: Irregular posting led to even slower growth on this platform

Our Solution

We developed a multifaceted approach, focusing on optimizing visibility, engagement, and conversion through precise and continuous improvements.

Content Diversification

We broadened the range of content themes to include lifestyle topics relevant to the target audience, plus-size women over 30. This included inspirational content, transitions, fun lip-syncs and dance trends, and community-focused discussions which were more likely to be shared and saved.

Enhanced Posting Frequency

We increased the frequency of Reels on Instagram, capitalizing on their higher engagement rates.

Trend Engagement

Actively engaged with Instagram and Facebook trends to ensure the brand remained relevant and visible.

Platform-Specific Strategies

After analyzing the performance and audience demographics, we shifted the focus to Facebook, tailoring content that resonated better with the platform’s older demographic, such as self love videos.

Content Strategy Review

Every three months, we conduct a thorough review of all content based on performance metrics. This helped us identify the most effective types of content and adjust our strategy to continue improving engagement and reach.

The Conclusion

The shift towards engaging and relatable content significantly enhanced Amydus’s visibility and engagement. Unbundl's strategic content planning and production optimization maintained a consistent and appealing online presence while reducing costs. Through regular strategy reviews, we ensured the content remained fresh and aligned with audience preferences and trends, driving sustained success for Amydus in the competitive plus-size fashion market.

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