Shopify India to USA: Launching Your eCommerce Store Across Borders


The digital age has made it possible for entrepreneurs from one corner of the world to cater to customers in another. One such opportunity is for Indian entrepreneurs to tap into the lucrative US market. If you’re considering this, Shopify, a leading eCommerce platform, can be your ally. This article will guide you on how to open and run a Shopify store from India to sell exclusively in the USA, highlighting the regulatory and tax issues you might face.

Why Choose Shopify?

Shopify is a globally recognized eCommerce platform that offers a plethora of tools and features to help businesses set up their online stores. Its user-friendly interface, coupled with extensive customization options, makes it a preferred choice for many.

Steps to Launch Your Shopify Store

1. Set Up Your Shopify Account

Begin by signing up on Shopify’s official website. While the platform is universal, ensure you specify your location as India.

2. Choose Your Product Niche

Identify products that have a demand in the US market. Research can be your best friend here. Platforms like Amazon and eBay can provide insights into trending products in the USA.

3. Design Your Store

Shopify offers a range of themes and templates. Customize your store to resonate with the US audience, keeping in mind their preferences and cultural nuances.

4. Set Up Payments

For receiving payments from the USA, integrate international payment gateways like PayPal and Payoneer. These platforms seamlessly convert USD to INR, simplifying transactions.

5. Handle Shipping and Delivery

Consider partnering with international shipping companies or using Shopify’s in-built shipping solutions tailored for cross-border deliveries.

6. Set Prices in USD

Since your target audience is in the USA, ensure all product prices are displayed in USD.

Regulatory and Tax Issues

GST Registration

Even if you’re selling to the US audience, as an Indian business, you need to have a GST registration. Ensure you’re compliant with Indian tax laws.

US Sales Tax

When selling to US customers, be aware of the sales tax regulations of different states. The US doesn’t have a standard sales tax; it varies by state.

Import/Export License

To send products from India to the USA, you’ll need an Import/Export License. This ensures your products can legally cross borders.

Customs and Duties

Products shipped to the USA might be subject to customs duties. It’s crucial to be transparent with your customers about any additional charges they might incur.


Selling products from India to the USA using Shopify is a viable business model, given the platform’s robust features and the vast US market. However, staying compliant with both Indian and US regulations is crucial. With the right strategy and awareness of regulatory nuances, you can successfully tap into the US market from India.