The Manifest Highlights unbundl Among Delhi’s Most Reviewed PPC Management Companies

At unbundl, we help brands scale with data, marketing, and design in the digital era. We are an end-to-end growth consultancy focused on getting results backed by data. We handle the projects’ development until the point where marketing starts and everything that happens in between.

In light of our impact in the industry, we’re proud to share our latest recognition with you. We are honored to be featured as a leading and most reviewed PPC management company on The Manifest. For context, The Manifest is a business blog and how-to website that compiles and analyzes practical business wisdom for innovators, entrepreneurs, and small and mid-market businesses.

To give you a better understanding of how much this means for us, we’re going to tell you more about how we got here.

In 2014, Puneet Gupta, Amandeep Seera and Praneet Singh Sahai founded unbundl to partner with companies to understand the WHY behind their business, the GOALS they aspire to, and the IMPACT they will have on their customers and industry. Thus, we translate this into a unique and authentic marketing strategy to get there together.

In 2021, we worked with Kothari Foods, a snack company that needed help with performance marketing, online marketing, and B2C branding. We handled everything from branding, product design, and packaging. We also designed and built the client’s website and are now helping with SEO.

“Unbundl does very high-quality work. Since collaborating with them, we’ve seen increases in engagement, traffic, and conversions. Their work has also helped improve our market presence.” – Akhil Kothari, Founder, Kothari Foods
In 2022, The Manifest highlights Delhi’s 15 most reviewed PPC management companies, highlighting unbundl among the leaders. We’re proud to receive this recognition, confirming our hard work and commitment. Thank you to our clients for their continued support and the opportunity to prove that we can handle any challenges they have.