Which plan of Shopify you should choose?

Shopify offers 3 different plans across world (apart from their Plus plan). For any new website owner/brand, the first question is always which plan should I go fo?

There are not a lot of differences. Major difference include:

  • Gift Cards
  • Report builders

^ Not available in Basic plan ($29 per month)

  • No of staff accounts

It’s 2 in basic, 5 in Shopify and 15 in Advanced.

  • Transaction Fees

For most of the shop owners it boils down to Final Fee that Shopify will charge them.

Shopify PlanTransaction Fees

This fees is charged when you are using a payment gateway alternate to Shopify. Naturally due to commission/referral fees, many store owners are discouraged also. I would recommend, you should plan to spend a lot more on good store and customer experience.

If you try to cut down on these costs and go for cheaper alternatives, your future growth prospects could hamper.

What you can do is, choose Shopify plan based on your expected monthly revenue. For you, I have done some basic calculations which can help you choose a plan wisely:

Shopify plan2979299
Transaction Fees210.5
Estimated Monthly revenue (in INR)
USD value75
Taking USD value = 75 INR

Shopify plan2979299
Transaction Fees210.5
Estimated Monthly revenue (in INR)
USD value80
Taking USD = 80 INR

You can see your fees changes dramatically on increasing revenue. Also, USD/INR value might impact your decision too.