Custom BYOB

Jimmy's Cocktails, known for their premium cocktail mixers, offers a wide range of flavors and collections. While their variety is a strength, it becomes a hassle for the customer to make multiple purchases in a single go. Streamlining the user experience and simplifying product selection became a key priority.

Solution: "Build Your Own Box!" – A Custom Approach

We partnered with Jimmy's Cocktails to develop a custom solution: "Build Your Own Box!" This innovative feature empowers customers to personalize their purchases and explore the diverse range of mixers at their own pace.

How it Works:

  1. Mixer Selection: Customers can browse through all available mixer flavors and collections and add up to 8 items. This freedom allows them to discover new options and curate a box that perfectly suits their taste preferences.
  1. Essential Tools: The platform seamlessly integrates the option to add any mixing tools they might need. This one-stop-shop approach eliminates the need for customers to search for these tools elsewhere.
  1. Simplified Checkout: Once their box is complete, customers can easily add it to their cart and proceed to a smooth checkout process.

Benefits of "Build Your Own Box!"

  • Enhanced User Experience: The "Build Your Own Box!" feature allows for a more intuitive and engaging buying experience. Customers can explore options with greater ease, leading to increased satisfaction.
  • Streamlined Buying Process: The step-by-step approach simplifies buying decisions, saving customers time and effort.
Convenience and Efficiency: The option to add mixing tools alongside mixers creates a one-stop shop for all cocktail-making needs, adding convenience for customers.