Faber India Pincode for product filter


Faber India, with its extensive product range, multiple stores, and 9 warehouses, faced a logistical hurdle. Customers in various locations might not have all products readily available for delivery. This led to frustration in two ways:

  1. Inaccurate Availability: Customers could view products unavailable in their area, leading to disappointment and wasted browsing time.
  1. Cumbersome Pincode Entry: Having to enter the pincode on every product page felt repetitive and slowed down the buying process.

Solution: Strategic Pincode Pop-up

To address these challenges, we implemented a strategic pop-up that appeared upon visiting the Faber India homepage. This pop-up effectively streamlines the user experience:

  • Early Pincode Capture: By prompting for the user's pincode at the outset, the website can instantly filter products so that only products available in the customer's location are displayed, saving them time and frustration.


  • Enhanced User Experience: Customers encounter only products they can purchase, leading to a more satisfying browsing experience.
  • Increased Sales Potential: By showcasing relevant products, the chances of customers finding what they need and completing a purchase are significantly improved.

By implementing the pincode pop-up or exploring geolocation technology, Faber India significantly enhanced the online shopping experience for its customers. Streamlined product availability fosters customer satisfaction, reduces purchase time, and ultimately increases sales potential.