Faber is the leading brand for kitchen appliances and came to us to improve their Europe domain, FaberSpa.


We provided everything from redesigning all the different pages, all the way to creating custom app that integrate with their API system.

Designing, UX testing, developing, QA testing and lots more went into this project


  1. Update the website and launch an e-commerce platform.
  2. Improve performance for the website.

The Challenges

  1. Faber's own API system to integrate with shopify to update the product's data.
  2. They only wanted their E Commerce Platform for a single market, Italy. 
  3. Managing multiple countries and languages from one backend

Our Solution

  1. Shifted the entire website from wordpress to Shopify to enable e-commerce.
  2. We created a middleware app, which retrieves the products data from the API, restructures it and pushes the data to shopify using a custom shopify app. 
  3. We designed every element/component customisable at Shopify level so that the merchant could add translated content using the shopify theme editor and use the Shopify translate and adapt app for further localisation. 
  4. Developing the product page in a dynamic way that shop features are enabled only for users coming through the Italian market. 
  5. Used shopify markets to manage and customise the webpages through a single backend.

Performance Enhancements


The Conclusion

  1. Created a brand new look for the website by providing them a new UI/UX design, creating a new brand image for them. It enhanced customer experience and in return performance. 
  2. The integration of Shopify's robust back end features significantly improved internal operational efficiency, especially to create or change existing pages without editing code base. 
  3. The new website on shopify enabled the brand to sell their products online directly to customers.
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