Best Shopify Stores in India (2024)

In today's fast-paced digital world, having an online presence is not just an option, but a necessity. And Shopify has become the favorite choice for Indian business owners to start their e-commerce stores. By 2024, its use in India has shot up by over 55%. Because it is super easy to use, grows with your business, and lets you customize a lot.

But just setting up a Shopify store isn't enough to stay ahead. To truly stand out, you need a comprehensive strategy that goes beyond just having a storefront. That's where Unbundl steps in. We provide a complete range of services to help your Shopify store reach its best potential.

We specialize in:

  • Search Engine Optimization: To get more visitors organically from search results.
  • Performances: To use Facebook, Google, and other platforms to generate sales.
  • Social Media: To grow on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and other platforms and create brand awareness.
  • Content Creation: To make interesting content that strengthens your brand.
  • Analytics: To keep track of how your store is doing with detailed reports and make improvements.

Whether you're a new startup or a well-known brand, our custom strategies will help your Shopify store stand out online with its full potential.

Top 5 Shopify Product Categories to Consider in 2024

Shopify offers a wide range of product categories, making it simple for entrepreneurs to find the perfect niche for their online store. Here are the top five product categories to consider in 2024:

  • Fashion & Clothing: Fashion is always a popular and profitable business. It includes trendy clothing, accessories, athleisure, and ethnic wear.
  • Health & Wellness: Health and wellness products are in high demand. This category covers supplements, fitness gear, organic skincare, and mental health tools.
  • Eco-Friendly Products: More people are looking for sustainable and eco-friendly options. This includes reusable household items, biodegradable packaging, ethically made fashion, and zero-waste personal care products.
  • Personalized & Customizable Products: Items like custom jewelry, bespoke clothing, personalized home decor, and unique gifts fall into this category.
  • Tech Gadgets: The tech industry is always evolving with new gadgets and innovations. This category includes smart home devices, wearable technology, gaming accessories, and audio equipment.

Why is India choosing Shopify?

Shopify is a platform that helps to grow your business across the world. Some key benefits of choosing Shopify over any other e-commerce platform:

  • Easy to operate - Shopify has a user-friendly interface and easy to manage all the data & set-ups.
  • Cost - Shopify is a cost-effective platform with a minimal monthly subscription cost.
  • Themes - Shopify offers customizable and free-of-cost themes for their business setup.
  • Scalability- Shopify is beneficial for small & medium scale businesses to grow eventually.
  • Security- Shopify secures confidential databases of the business and prevents cyberattacks.
  • Payment methods- Shopify provides multiple payment gateways for smooth transactions. 

Top Cities with Most number of Shopify stores in India

Here is the list of the top 10 cities in India with the most number of Shopify store in India: 























Top Shopify plus apps 

Shopify is a place where small & medium businesses boom to large businesses. It helps with the rapid growth of e-commerce digitally. These apps are useful for email marketing, SEO & product reviews, etc.

  • Klaviyo - This app helps to boost growth through email & SMS marketing.
  • Geolocation - This app is used to uplift sales across the globe through language and communication channels.
  • Product review app - This app helps to maintain the review, feedback & rating of the customers that is used in further recommendations.
  • Gorgias app - This app works as a helpdesk or chatbot for better customer support.
  • Triple whale analytics - This app provides all the insight & dashboard reviews of the business.

These are the top 5 apps used in Shopify across the globe.


UNBUNDL has worked with industry-leading brands for their Shopify development, SEO, Web development & other activities to grow them smoothly and steadily. Here are the top listed Shopify brands at UNBUNDL.

  • Saral Home: After selling many products on Amazon, Saral Home created their own Shopify website to showcase their home furnishing products manufactured in their OEKO-TEX-certified factory to ensure durability.

  • Faber India:  An Italian brand whose aim is to be in every Indian home through their products. Faber, famous for their kitchen chimneys and many other kitchen appliances, has achieved this goal. Trusted by many Indian households, the Faber India stands out and ensures quality and authenticity in each product they sell.

  • Matrix: Matrix sells International SIM Cards and eSIMs for travelers outside India. They also offer travel insurance tailored for students and senior citizens.

  • PeekaaBoo Kids: For the new-age parents concerned about safe and fashionable clothing for their kids, Peekaboo Kids has created a line of kids' clothes. Their kid's clothes with 100% cotton material feature adorable patterns, ensuring the child looks stylish in every attire.

  • Aldona Shop: The love for leather isn't just a passing trend, it's timeless. From the 90s until today, leather remains beloved. Aldona aims to craft products using vegetable-tanned leather, such as phone case covers, laptop cases and many more. They import their materials and manufacture each product in-house, ensuring authenticity in every piece.

These are some of the top well-known brands that UNBUNDL worked with & helped businesses grow.