At Aromahpure, our passion lies in the art of fragrance creation.


Aromahpure, a trusted brand by AVA International Private Limited (AIPL), approached seeking to establish their online presence. Their mission? To create a captivating e-commerce platform that allows customers to "unleash the essence of organic life" by indulging in their exquisite fragrances.


The Challenges

  • Launching the E-commerce Platform: Aromahpure needed a user-friendly and efficient e-commerce platform to showcase their products and streamline the online shopping experience.
  • Multiple Product Categories and Subcategories: The vast range of products, categorized with subcategories and collections, demands a clear and intuitive navigation system to avoid overwhelming customers.

Our Solution

  1. Building on a Strong Foundation: Leveraging Shopify's user-friendly tools and functionalities, we streamlined the development process, allowing them to launch their e-commerce platform efficiently.
  2. We wanted to prioritize user experience and did so by implementing: 
  • Mega Menus: Mega menus visually display subcategories and collections within a main category, providing users with a comprehensive overview and minimizing clicks needed to find desired products. 
  • Enhanced Category Pages: Category pages were designed to showcase collections and individual products within each specific category. This clear presentation allows customers to easily explore product variations and make informed purchasing

Performance Enhancements


The Conclusion

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