Hands: Streamlining Website Functionality for Global Markets

Hands, a global brand specializing in carpets and rugs


Hands, a global brand specializing in carpets and rugs, sought to enhance its website performance and boost conversion rates across its multiple regional websites. With diverse markets and unique challenges in each region, Hands needed a tailored solution to streamline website management and improve user experience.


Improve website performance and conversion rates across multiple regional markets in India and outside india.

The Challenges

Hands Carpets faced several challenges in managing their digital presence effectively across diverse geographical markets:

Multiple Websites Management: Operating separate websites for India/International, Asian, and Middle Eastern markets lead to so much chaos for the staff, that it was just getting too difficult to manage.

Dynamic Delivery Information: Displaying accurate delivery details based on carpet availability in the respective market.

Product Purchase Experience: Transitioning from a direct purchase to a product inquiry model as the product is not lower priced traditional carpets that sell online.

Geographic Restrictions:  Implementing website restrictions on the basis of country and necessary redirection based on user location.

Measurement Unit Conversion:Adapting filter values and variant titles from feet and inches to centimeters based on user location which varies time to time.

Our Solution

Unbundl crafted a comprehensive strategy to address these challenges, leveraging advanced technology solutions and innovative SEO tactics to enhance user experience and streamline site management along with a well optimized speed.

Integrated Website Management

Utilizing Shopify Markets, we consolidated all three regional websites into a single Shopify store. This integration allowed for centralized management, enhanced user experience consistency, and simplified backend processes.

Dynamic Delivery Updates

We developed a custom function using Shopify's inventory application to display delivery information dynamically. This function adjusts content based on the viewer's location, ensuring accurate and relevant delivery details are shown.

Enhanced Inquiry Process

To cater to the business model of luxury carpet sales, we transformed the checkout process. A custom 'bogus' payment gateway was implemented to bypass the traditional purchase pathway, converting it into a product inquiry form. This adjustment is better aligned with customer expectations and sales processes for high-end products.

Smart Geographic Redirection

We implemented a custom script that detects a user's location and redirects them to the appropriate regional website For eg person in Dubai will see the Dubai version and like wise a person in India will see the India version of the website. This ensured that users accessed the site most relevant to their market, improving user experience and compliance with regional standards of measuring units, currency etc.

Unit Conversion Customization

A tailored script was created to convert product dimensions and filter values between imperial and metric systems based on the user's location. This feature addressed the diverse needs of global customers, making the site more user-friendly across different regions.

Performance Enhancements

Consistent & Sustainable RoAs of 4 and above was achieved
Consistent & Sustainable RoAs of 4 and above was achieved
Consistent & Sustainable RoAs of 4 and above was achieved

Website Consolidation: Streamlined operations to manage multiple countries with one shopify store & reduced overhead costs while maintaining a high standard of user experience across all markets.

Dynamic Content Display: Increased accuracy in delivery information, enhancing customer satisfaction and reducing confusion in different markets.

Inquiry-Based Interaction: Shifted the sales approach to align with customer preferences for high-value items, venturing into assisted sales model rather than traditional ecommerce, as the AOV is more than 2000 USD, therefore increasing engagement and potential leads.

Geo-Specific Redirection: Improved site traffic management and user experience, ensuring visitors accessed the most relevant content.

Adaptive Unit Conversion: Boosted international usability and customer satisfaction by catering to local preferences in measurement units.

The Conclusion

The strategic overhaul of Hands Carpets' digital presence not only simplified their global e-commerce operations but also significantly enhanced user interaction and conversion rates. By integrating advanced Shopify features and custom solutions, Hands Carpets can now provide a seamless, regionally tailored experience to their customers, solidifying their position as a leader in the luxury carpet industry. This case study exemplifies how thoughtful digital strategies can transform user experience and operational efficiency in a global retail environment.

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