Hummel: Explore comfortable sportswear for gym, running & more at Hummel India for men & women. Designed in Denmark, Crafted in India.


Hummel, the Danish sportswear brand established in 1923, sought to enter the e-commerce arena with a swift and strategic launch. Their goal? To establish a robust online presence that reflects their rich heritage while catering to the modern needs of B2B and individual customers.


The Challenges

  1. Rapid Launch: Launch a complete e-commerce setup from scratch within a short timeframe requires a strategic approach.
  2. Exclusive pricing: They wanted to show their B2B customers their exclusive prices, which were not meant for other customers. 
  3. Bulk Ordering: They sought a solution that allowed customers to add large quantities of products to their carts in one go, eliminating the hassle of repeated orders.

Our Solution

  1. Shopify to the Rescue: Using the pre-existing Dawn theme on Shopify provided a solid foundation for Hummel's e-commerce launch, saving valuable time while still allowing customization to reflect Hummel's unique brand identity.
  2. B2B Portal for Exclusive Deals: We made a separate portal for them to show their exclusive prices for the B2B customers.
  3. Bulk Ordering App Integration:  To streamline bulk ordering, we integrated a trusted Shopify app into Hummel's website. This allows customers to effortlessly add large quantities of products to their carts in a single step, saving them time and simplifying the buying process.

Performance Enhancements


The Conclusion

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