Life n Color: Optimizing Website Performance & Custom Pricing Precision

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Life n Colors is a rising name in the wallpaper industry. They aim to bring vibrant life to spaces with their collection of beautiful wallpapers that range from classical, modern, floral, marble and many more. To enliven this vision, they wanted a website that would convey this by effectively providing their consumers the ease to surf through their wallpapers, enhance their global reach and give a more personalized experience to their consumers.


Our main goal was designing their website to amplify conversion rates across global markets and enhancing the user experience to increase the credibility of their brand.

The Challenges

There were multiple challenges in managing their online presence across the various platforms and regions : 

Platform Limitations: Their website lacked scalability and failed in accommodating surges in user activity which hindered their potential for growth. 

Subpar Conversion Metrics: A fairly low user engagement, due to the website's sluggish pace and poor compatibility with mobile devices. 

Outdated Design: The website's design was outdated and rusty with only minimal workable features. 

Custom Size Pricing: Due to improper custom pricing options there was a fall in purchases, largely impacting the user experience.

Our Solution

Unbundl crafted a comprehensive strategy to address these challenges, leveraging advanced technical solutions and innovative SEO tactics to renew the Life N Colors website and enhance user experience and streamline site management.

Platform Migration: We transitioned Life n Colors to Shopify, ensuring the website's scalability and making it workable for user surges. 

Performance Optimization: We optimized the website codebase to significantly improve the loading time and generate a user- friendly experience.

Website remodeling: We undertook a comprehensive redesign of the website's interface, giving it a modern look and feel for better engagement. And making the consumer's experience better with an aesthetic makeover. 

Custom Size Price Calculator: We integrated a custom calculator app with their Shopify store, to compute product prices in real-time, by taking into account dimensions and product type.

Performance Enhancements

Consistent & Sustainable RoAs of 4 and above was achieved
Consistent & Sustainable RoAs of 4 and above was achieved
Consistent & Sustainable RoAs of 4 and above was achieved

Boost in  Conversion Rate: Our strategy help aid the conversion rates manifold in a short period of time. This improved the overall user experience and increased transactions. The strategic overhaul led to a noticeable uptick in conversion rates, as the streamlined website and improved user experience facilitated smoother transactions.

Traffic Surge: The new website witnessed  a huge surge in traffic, reflecting increased user interest and engagement with our refreshing design and functionality.

The Conclusion

The successful redesign of Life n Colors' digital storefront has created a substantial uplift in user experience and conversion rates. Through the effortless integration of Shopify and its personalized options, Life n Colors now delivers a frictionless shopping experience, leaving a lasting impression on its customers.

This case study serves as a testament to the profound impact of strategic digital initiatives in driving user satisfaction and operational excellence across global retail channels.

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